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Choosing Accoya wood for your windows gives you the reassurance of a superior, high performance wood that is long-lasting. Rivalling traditional hardwood timbers including oak, Accoya windows will not shrink, swell or jam and will continue to open effortlessly all year round.

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Accoya was selected as the ideal wood for the custom fabricated windows and doors of this orangery, designed and crafted by Midland Conservatories. Increasingly, Midland Conservatories have found that they have been asked to use Accoya more throughout their projects having seen all the benefits Accoya has to offer.

They now use Accoya as standard for a range of components including all of their opaque door sashes. For this orangery project they designed and built the entire project to the customers specification using Accoya.


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Designed by architecture firm Alma-nac, the property, which is called the Split House, replaces a 1950’s bungalow and run-down barn in the village of Fairlight. The architects specified Accoya to construct the external windows, window reveals and doors. 38 Accoya fixed and opening windows were installed, as well as 22 glazed door leafs.

Caspar Rodgers from Alma-nac commented: “We chose Accoya because we wanted to build using eco-friendly materials that could withstand the variable weather conditions that are characteristic of England’s southern coast. Accoya is well-respected within the industry as a highly sustainable product that has high levels of durability and stability.”

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Window and door specialist, Dempsey Dyer, turned to Accoya wood in 2008 for the doorsets and window sashes of nineteen townhouses constructed by Bellway Homes in Purfleet, Essex, UK.

One of the key reasons for choosing Accoya was that the wood was to be coated with a challenging black finish (dark coatings readily absorb sunlight) and stability was therefore critical. We revisited the project in early 2011 and found that the Accoya wood used was still looking superb with excellent colour retention and no signs of rot or decay.

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Manufactured by The Sash Window Workshop Accoya was chosen to help transform a late Victorian property based in London. Originally built as a warehouse, the property required major renovation to become a family home.

The building was in such bad condition the windows and doors were rotten and required replacement. Accoya was selected for the windows and doors due to its durability and stability. In total 10 new Accoya sash and casements windows and 5 new Accoya doors were installed within the property. Since the installation the overall look of the street has dramatically improved.

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This distinctive conservatory, located in Preston is made of Accoya by premium conservatory manufacturer Glasshouse. The company has been manufacturing these prestigious products for the past eight years, historically and primarily using `Sapele hardwood` as the main timber species. But continued research and development has led them to use Accoya wood for its durability, sustainability and practicality.

They are also finding that more and more customers are aware of the negative sustainability and green issues associated with the use of tropical hardwoods and are looking for an alternative, such as Accoya wood which offers the perfect solution.

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Designed by 6a architects, Accoya was chosen to feature in the design for a series of three buildings and gardens for photographer Juergen Teller. The new buildings contain offices, an archive, a top lit studio space, a kitchen, a library, and an ensemble of ancillary rooms.

Accoya was selected due to its durability and dimensional stability. Accoya was used for the bespoke windows and large sliding doors throughout the project. External doors were made from Accoya panels, sized to match the horizontal board marks of the in-situ concrete facades.

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Supplied and Manufactured by SB Joinery, Accoya was chosen for the windows, doors and French doors for these luxury apartments in St Johns wood.

Coated using Teknos, Accoya was selected for the project due to its durability and stability. Accoya wood windows and doors are guaranteed to last for 50 years. Accoya was also chosen because it’s the ideal wood for the production of bespoke, classic or cotemporary wooden windows and doors. Thanks to simple ease of use, tailoring the shape and finish of bespoke joinery is efficient and reliable.

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Bathwick Apartment, Bath

Located in the picturesque heart of the historic city of Bath, this modern apartment combines Georgian period charm with contemporary comfort. The location alone is spectacular, as it is positioned on Bathwick Street making it easy to explore all the attractions of the city.

Bath Bespoke specialise in using Accoya wood for all of their painted joinery projects. Accoya was chosen for the Bathwick Apartment as the client requested a robust and beautiful wood. Accoya was also selected thanks to its low maintenance benefits – the form stability and reduced swelling of Accoya windows removes the stress on paint finishes.


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Accoya® chosen for bathroom sash windows in stunning Wiltshire home

Designed by Mia Marquez, Accoya was chosen as the ideal material for the bathroom windows on this property in Wiltshire. Manufactured by Bath Bespoke, Accoya was chosen due to its ability not to shrink and swell like other wooden windows and doors, making it an ideal material for damp environments such as bathrooms.

Bath Bespoke also specified Accoya because it requires very little maintenance. Coatings can last twice as long, resulting in longer lasting beautiful bespoke windows.

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Accoya® selected for a luxurious barn conversion in Northumberland, UK

Manufactured by Richard James Joinery, this once derelict farm building has now been transformed into one of the Tyne Valleys newest wedding venues after undergoing a large scale refurbishment. Accoya was chosen for the windows and doors of all areas of the building.

Accoya was selected as the best timber choice due to the location of the venue being exposed to the elements and also the amount of usage the venue is expected to withstand during its lifetime.

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Accoya® selected for the Renovation of Manor House in Essex

This prestigious property in Essex required major renovation work to transform it into the owners new family home. Whyte & Wood selected Accoya as the ideal material for the bespoke sash windows and doors.

Accoya was chosen thanks to its low maintenance and 50 year guarantee. Overall 42 sash windows and 4 door sets were replaced.


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Accoya® chosen for the Bruntwood Hall restoration project in Manchester

Manufactured by Bailey Hague Joinery, (BHJ) Accoya was selected for restoring the windows of the Bruntwood Hall hotel in Cheadle, Manchester.  BHJ chose Accoya wood due to its durability and machinability benefits compared to their experience with other timbers.

Accoya was used for all the window replacements and was fitted using acoustic double glazing units as the hotel is located near the Manchester airport. Designed and constructed by SpaceInvader, PDS and Andy Thornton Contracts, the Accoya windows were spray coated using white Teknos paint.

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Accoya® windows selected for Stunning English cottage

Bespoke window and door company Whyte & Wood began specialising in Accoya back in 2010. After researching the benefits of Accoya compared to alternative hardwoods the company now offers only Accoya wood for all its joinery.

Accoya windows were the ideal choice for this owners cottage as the residents required a low maintenance and dimensionally stable material.

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Accoya® windows chosen for a Grade II listed Restoration Project

Long lasting restoration and replacement windows which are stable enough to last generations is a vital consideration for any listed property.

For this project Whyte & Wood worked with the residents of this house to restore all the ground floor windows. Accoya was selected for the splice repairs, new cills and replacing the sash windows.

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Accoya® windows and doors chosen for London renovation

Timber window and door specialists, The Sash Window Workshop were chosen to replace several windows and doors, as part of a large renovation project to completely refurbish a property in West London. The project included designing a bespoke timber door that, when closed, appeared externally as a sash window.

The Sash Window Workshop use Accoya as their preferred timber when installing replacement windows and doors, due to its long anti-rot guarantee, sustainability and low maintenance.

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Accoya windows and doors are available throughout the UK and Ireland.

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