Keeping ahead of the curve with Accoya® windows and doors

30th March

Accoya®, the world-leading modified wood, has been used by Simplicity Timber Solutions Ltd to craft two beautiful bespoke doorways in the UK.

Letting the outside in and helping to bring an abundance of natural light into two English homes, Accoya was specified to craft the homes’ bespoke curved folding sliding door systems.

Chosen for its unrivalled stability, thermal properties and unique 50-year guarantee, Accoya is made to last and is one of the most durable and stable wood products on the market.

The first property featuring Accoya is Silverman’s Cottage in Wiltshire which includes a stunning 10-door leaf curved folding sliding door system. The doors fold and slide effortlessly in the same direction, opening to showcase the property’s quintessential English garden. As well as the striking door system crafted for Silverman’s, Accoya was used for the large hex decagon lantern glass ceiling feature.

Simplicity Timber Solutions specialise in unique bespoke joinery and excel with curved and straight bi-fold door systems for clients across the UK.

Richard Clarke, Director at Simplicity commented: “We have been using Accoya since early 2011 and proudly became recognised by Accsys Technologies as an official joinery manufacture in 2012. The appointment of Accoya was made based on the wood’s unique ability to resist rot and decay and its proven durability and stability when faced with changeable climates.

Richard added: “Having been pushing the boundaries with joinery for many years we know first-hand how remarkable Accoya is when it comes to dealing with Britain’s diverse weather. While many wooden windows and doors end up failing over time, especially when faced with years of summer sun and driving winter rain, this isn’t the case with Accoya.

“Accoya windows and doors stay in the same condition as they were installed and require very little maintenance. Our door and window structures are complex and unique and we need to make sure that the wood we use helps us deliver the best quality doors and windows for our clients. Our clients expect to be able to enjoy our products for many years to come.”

Simplicity Timber Solutions also specified Accoya with a dramatically tight radius for a six-door leaf curved folding sliding door system in Oxfordshire. Called The Hermitage, the property’s new doors seamlessly connected the home’s kitchen dining area with uninterrupted views across the garden and adjoining farmland. The doors were designed to complement the rest of the property and contribute to the home’s high quality aesthetics.

Manufactured using a proprietary acetylation process, Accoya is one of the most superior wood products on the market today. It performs to the highest of standards, delivering remarkable levels of stability, sustainability and durability. Exceeding the high quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods, Accoya also boasts excellent environmental credentials by using wood sourced from FSC® certified, sustainable forests and Cradle to Cradle Gold certified.

Easy to maintain, coatings last up to two times longer with Accoya than when applied to traditional wood products. The high performance wood is also easier to coat with less preparation and sanding time required. This ease of use is down to Accoya’s stability and its stronger structure.

Laura Keily, head of marketing for Accsys, commented: “Beautiful and bespoke, Accoya-made windows and doors are perfect for home owners looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood. Made to last and of the highest quality, Simplicity Timber Solutions uses Accoya to demonstrate how joinery projects can last a lifetime.

“Accoya is 100% non-toxic and made using FSC timber. Boasting a host of environmental certificates, those looking to upgrade their homes should look no further than Accoya if they want environmentally-friendly, quality and long lasting windows and doors.”

Bespoke Accoya windows and doors are available to buy from Simplicity Timber Solutions Ltd and throughout the UK and Ireland. For further information and to speak to a distributor please click here.

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