Accoya® utilised in window restoration project for Victorian Bath townhouse

6th March

Accoya®, the world-leading, high-performance sustainable wood, has been selected by a leading interior design company for the restoration of sash windows on a period property in the city of Bath.

Selected for their specialism in restoration, the team at Bath Bespoke renovated the existing timber frames throughout, whilst replacing the extensively damaged sashes with Accoya sashes. In order to compliment the period façade, matching sash replicas were intricately created using moulding cutters to mirror the exact detail of the original windows. Each sash was finished by routing grooves into the mid and bottom rails to allow draught proof carriers and weatherproof brushes to be fitted. This created a seal between the sashes and boxes to eliminate air flow.

Accoya was selected by Bath Bespoke’s team of experts for its unrivalled reliability and durability, specifically when exposed to damp or humid conditions. Exposure to the elements makes window sashes susceptible to rot, resulting in home-owners experiencing both heat loss and ‘rattling’ windows.

With a 50-year guarantee, Accoya gives homeowners the reassurance of a superior, high performance wood that is long lasting and requires minimum maintenance. Rivalling traditional hardwood timbers including oak, Accoya windows will not shrink, swell or jam and will continue to open effortlessly all year round. What’s more, Accoya windows are also C02 negative over their lifecycle, offering an ideal solution for homeowners looking for a sustainable solution.

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